About Us

  • About The Curl Bar Salon

    Our stylists are trained in the care, cutting and coloring of curly hair using products designed for curly hair.We specialize in all types and textures of naturally curly hair.We are committed to finding the best solution for our clients' curly hair needs through a thorough consultative approach.

    At Curl Bar, we recognize that cutting curly hair is not "one size fits all". Each head of curls is unique and must be treated individually. We use the dry cutting technique because it allows us to see where the curls live as we shape your hair. This eliminates the surprises associated with wet cutting. All of our services include curly styling and most importantly, first time clients leave the salon with a prescription for their daily routine at home. We DO NOT straighten or erase hair.

    We are HairCAREStylists and Curl Bar is the oasis for your curls!


    Rodas is the heartbeat of the salon. She is the liaison between the clients and the stylists. Rodas' attention to every detail and her amazing organizational and customer service skills keep the salon running smoothly.


    Curl Bar Beauty Salon is owned by Trudie Mulalu. She has been a salon owner for over 29 years and started Curl Bar eleven years ago. She has a thorough understanding of curly hair having been trained as a curly hair specialist. Her focus is now on running and growing the business as well as maintaining a holistic, consistent and client-centric service delivery.


    Elizabeth is a talented stylist who has a passion for working with all curl types. She is not much of a talker, but is a good listener and pays attention to detail in her work. She listens to a client’s needs and keeps herself up-to-date on new styles and techniques. Her specialty is in curly cuts, colour and special occasion styling.


    Ghergis is passionate about working with curly hair of all textures. She listens to clients’ wants and needs, addresses their concerns and makes sure they get the attention they deserve. She teaches clients to embrace their natural curls by equipping them with the knowledge they need to maintain their hair in between salon visits.


    Betty is a natural stylist. She is not only attentive but goes about her craft meticulously in her quiet, unassuming way. Bringing out the best in each client’s hair and their satisfaction is very important to her. Not only does she want them to leave feeling and looking good, but she also ensures that they leave with the knowledge to maintain the look in between salon appointments.