Winter Hair Care Tips

We hosted a winter hair care workshop by Susan Walker, ND, Founder of Earthtone Naturals, makers of the Curl Enhancing Gelee, a product we recently started using and love.
Here are some winter weather tips that can make your hair look and feel its best throughout this season.
Deep Conditioners are your best friend
A GOOD, well formulated deep conditioner (emphasis is on GOOD) will soften the hair and add elasticity to it. It will contain oils and ingredients that not only coat the hair but can actually penetrate into it. After your hair is deep conditioned, it should feel soft and moisturized. If possible, deep condition every time you cleanse your hair whether you choose to use shampoo or co-wash. This is the first step to maintaining the moisture level in your hair.
You Need to Use a GREAT Moisturizer
A good moisturizer will hydrate and nourish the hair deeply within the hair shaft. Water based products are necessary. Oils do not moisturize, but act as sealants. An effective moisturizer should contain water, humectants, emollients and occlusive ingredients.
Water is extremely important to ensure the hair stays hydrated within the cortex (inner most layer) of the hair.
What other ways do you keep your hair moisturized and protected in the winter? We want to hear from you.
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