How Can I Get My Hair to Grow?

Many of our clients, old and new, ask us for tips on how to grow their hair. Here are our Top 7 Tips on how to grow your curly or natural hair.
1. Use curly hair friendly products
Using moisturizing products that don’t contain parabens and sulphates or silicones. You need a cleanser, conditioner, leave in conditioner, a styler and a sealing oil. Using the right products will keep your hair moist and prevent it from breaking.
2. Deep Conditioning Treatments
Deep condition your hair with a moisturizing treatment at least once a month. For tighter curls, deep conditioning once a week is recommended.
3. Scalp Care
Take care of your scalp by cleansing and rinsing throughly. A healthy scalp results in stronger hair strands.
4. No Bleach
Stay away from bleach if you are growing your hair.
If your hair is coloured, deep condition with a protein treatment once a month and a moisturizing treatment every week. For protein treatment, we suggest you go to a hair salon to have a treatment customized to your hair needs.
5. Regular Trims
Get regular trims to get rid of split ends. Trimming or dusting helps the hair to absorb moisture throughout the ends. Hair has no trouble growing out of the scalp, it’s maintaining healthy ends that retains the length.
6. Diet
Eat a diet rich in lean proteins, lentils, nuts, leafy greens, carrots, beets, fruit etc. Drinking lots of water helps in maintaining your overall health. Some vitamin supplements have been known to also help.
7. Satin Pillow Case or Cap
We recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase and/or a satin cap. This not only prolongs your curly set, but protects your hair from drying and breakage. Cotton will absorb the oils out of your hair.
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